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Often times surgery leads to a long and strenuous recovery period.  Patients often avoid surgery so they do not have to face rehabilitation and the side effects of the surgery.  Through the use of Core Path methodology, S.A.F.E., and invaluable Analytics, HHOME has created a better way for producing significant measurable rehabilitation results.


“Predictive modeling is a set of tools used to stratify a population according to its risk of nearly any outcome…ideally, patients are risk-stratified to identify opportunities for intervention before the occurrence of adverse outcomes that result in increased medical costs.”

– Source: Cousins MS, Shickle LM, Bender JA, An introduction to predictive modeling for disease management risk stratification. Disease Management 2002;5:157-167


Through our joint partnerships we have been able to create a revolutionary process.  While we do not have all of our details available online at this time please feel free to contact us for more details at 844-275-2205.